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Chiropractic Care

Clarks Summit Chiropractor, Jennifer Finn adjustingChiropractors are not necessarily musculoskeletal physicians but are trained to be nervous system doctors. “Our job is to make sure that the brain, spinal cord and nerves can communicate to every organ, tissue and cell and be able to receive communication and bring it back to the brain without interference,” says Dr. Jennifer.

Interference happens when a bone is out of alignment and is putting pressure on a nerve. We need to find where the body is misaligned and determine which nerves are being affected. Then, we’ll gently correct and align the spine and allow your body to function in a more optimal, healthy state.

Chiropractic is safe, gentle and effective. It helps to reduce and relieve pain, maintain better posture, allow you to sleep better, become more active and contribute to your overall wellness.

Phases of Care

  1. Acute or in Pain – The focus is pain relief during this stage. Three or more visits per week for four weeks may be required. However, the length of time depends on how each patient responds to treatment.
  2. Rehabilitative – During this phase, we will continue to make corrections in the spine, retraining the soft tissue and stabilizing it in the corrected position. This stage has fewer frequent visits.
  3. Wellness – The emphasis during this phase is maintaining corrections that have been achieved in the first two stages.

Dr. Jennifer will develop an individualized care plan for each patient depending on their specific needs.

She is trained and certified in the following techniques:

If you are ready to try chiropractic and start feeling better, contact our office today and make an appointment!

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